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8 Best New Moms Moments That Make Motherhood So Worth It!

Moms around the world will presumably agree - being a mom rocks! Still, nothing beats that first taste of motherhood. It's a surreal experience...yes, with lots of challenges...but seeing and holding a child for the first time is an experience like none other, as a new dimension of significance is added.

Here are 8 best new mom moments that you can look forward to.

8 /8 Meeting baby

The first time a mom lays eyes on her baby is possibly one of the most significant moments of her life. While the expectant mom might have felt baby moving inside of her over the previous months, nothing can prepare for the actual first encounter with the baby.

7 /8 Going home

One of the scariest and yet, most delightful moments of motherhood is leaving the hospital where the baby was born - with their child wrapped in a blanket - and driving home with a brand new person. People in the hospital will remark on the baby's cuteness as mom triumphantly heads off to the car, usually with her spouse or partner. It will be a triumphant day as that same home she left a few days earlier in the throngs of labor, now becomes a tranquil retreat and haven for herself and her infant.

6 /8 Baby first smile

Few sounds are better than the laughter of one's child, and the new mom will cherish her baby's laughter more than anything else. The day a mom realizes her tiny child is in fact laughing, she will crave more of this positive affection from the baby.

5 /8 The first long sleep

As much as a new mom might love nurturing her child to wholeness, much can be said about the first instance when a baby sleeps through the night and the new mom wakes up feeling refreshed.

4 /8 That first kiss

Before a baby can speak, he/she will learn to give a slightly awkward, possibly wet and very lovely kiss on mommy's cheek. This will be so exciting for a new mom, she will then ask her baby to kiss everyone - absolutely everyone who will stop to pay attention to the new mom's enthusiasm.

3 /8 If the shoes fits...

That day when a mom puts that miniature Nike or Adidas sneaker on her baby's foot - after having eyed it in baby's wardrobe for months, dreaming of the day when they would wear it - is quite a moment. The little one will be none the wiser to the gravity of the moment and might even complain, preferring no shoes to shoes, however, the new mom will more than likely take a host of photos and cherish the special moment.

2 /8 First outing with friends

The day baby and mom go out with other new mom friends can be a significant moment for a parent. Here, the new mom will once again find her feet as a social creature and will enjoy the companionship of other moms - while learning from their stories, as well as encouraging the others with her stories.

1 /8 The first mouthful of solids

As memorable as the first feed is, feeding a baby can cause a mom to become weary. Furthermore, something in a mom's heart delights in seeing her little one progress. It is this desire for growth that makes baby's first mouthful of porridge (however mushy and bland it might be) such a great moment of joy. The expression on a baby's face at their first mouthful of solids is priceless, making this an occasion to remember (and preserve through lots of photos).