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Silicone Baby Bottle Brush- Keep your baby's feeding essentials clean

It is critical to deal with the general cleanliness of the baby as their immune system is not as stronger than that of an adult. Hence, it is crucial to take proper care of your baby’s cleanliness,and washing the utensils and bottles they feed on is one of them. This is the reason a bottle cleaning brush plays a vital role in your baby’s hygiene. So, if you are freaking out about your baby’s personal hygiene, time to take a look on how does a silicone baby bottle brush helps on cleaning your baby's bottles.


Clean every corner of the baby bottle's base

First and foremost, you need to buy a brush that reaches every corner of the bottle's base so that you can clean the bottle from its very end. Your hand cannot reach the base of the bottle, but the brush must get 360-degree access to the bottle's base. This will ensure that the milk that remains at the base of the bottle gets thoroughly cleaned.

Clean the walls of the baby bottle

Have you ever experienced that when you pour warm milk in a glass bottle that has not been properly cleaned, the milk tears apart? It's because the bottle has been cleaned in a rush. This is not healthy or hygienic for the baby. You'll need a brush to clean the bottle's walls and ensure that no remnants of the previous drink remain on the bottle.

A brush that doesn't lose bristles

You need to use a bottle cleaning brush that doesn't leave behind exhausted bristles in the bottle. This is a sign that the best baby bottle brush has lost its effectiveness. You need to buy the best baby bottle brushes that do not lose bristles and will help you keep your bottles clean and hygienic for months on end.

Long lasting

Baby bottle brushes are mostly made of either plastic or stainless steel. Plastic baby bottle brushes typically last a short time, whereas stainless steel baby bottle brushes are more expensive and frequently rust after a few uses.

Silicone brushes are the new addition to the family of bottle brushes. The silicone bottle brush has been heat treated and is therefore well-resistant to discoloration from food. That makes it durable as you don't have to replace it as often as a regular dish brush.


Clean the bottle teats

There are bottle teats too. A good baby bottle brush must also be able to reach inside the bottle teats and clean them properly. This will ensure that all parts of the baby bottle are clean.

Diswasher safe

Last but not least, your bottle cleaning brush must be dishwasher safe because sometimes you just don't have the time or the patience to wash it yourself. Baby Planet Baby 360 ° Silicone Bottle Brush is completely dishwasher safe, keeping your brush so clean that it's safe for your baby's health and hygiene.