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  • New-Generation, New Design, New Discoveries. Pre-launched brand-new breast pump from MilkPlanet, inspired by the theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance

  • 2 motor in 1 device, a real duo with two discrete pumps serving left and right breast individually

  • Stimulation & Expression mode, both equips with 9 levels of suction control.

  • Strong suction: Up to 330Mmhg

  • Fast milk expression

  • Left & Right power level mode can be set separately, personalised own best settings according to your need and your most comfort way

  • Light weight design and compact size, just put it in any bags you like and travel!

  • Built-in with high capacity rechargeable battery, up to 8 – 12 cycles at single full charge.

  • Sounds of whispering: 50 - 55 dbl, you can pump even at late night

  • Equipped with intelligent memory function where the breastpump will start with the last suction level

  • Eye-level design to save you trouble-free

  • Soft-touch control with Sleek & Classy Design

  • Hospital-grade motor from Swiss-technology

  • Additional feature: Can connect with Milk Planet Beauté Freedom Handsfree Kit or any brand

  • 3 phases of pumping (Stimulation/Expression/ 2-in-1 booster).

  • Anti-backflow mechanism with 9 levels of suction.

  • Breastshield personalization with multiple sizes Perfect-fit (with silicone massager)

  • or Soft-fit breastshields (fully silicone) (22mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm)

  • 2 years warranty

  • Can pump anytime, anywhere, even when you are working and with your shirt on.
  • Made from BPA FREE Polypropylene material & food-grade silicone.
  • Compatible with most breastpumps available in the market.
  • 2 units of complete breastshield and collection cup sets.
  • 2 units of tubing, 1 unit of spare valve and 1 Y-connector for double pumping.



  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before using the Freedom Handsfree kit and endsure that the parts (expect for the tubing) are clean and assembled according to the assembly instruction.
  2. Position the assembled Freedom Handsfree Kit over your breasts so that nipple is centered in the funnel and with the tubing facing upward. Make sure you achieve a good seal between Freedom Handsfree Kit and your skin. Placement of the freedom Handsfree Kit at any other position can cause breastmilk to flow into tubing.
  3. To start pumping, sit in a comfortable position and relax. Do not lean forward to pump.
  4. Transfer breastmilk to a proper storage container right after pumping.


  • Dismount the parts to be cleaned.
  • Clean the parts immediately after using the Freedom Handsfree Kit to avoid residuals milk contamination.
  • Air-dry all parts before use.
  • All assembly and disassembly have to be in accordance to the sequence shown in the instruction manual. Be careful not to misplace any parts.
  • Wash and clean the Freedom Handsfree Kit (except for the connction cable tube as the inner part of the connection tube should not be in any contact with water). Do not sterilize any silicone made parts.



Symptom: Insufficient suction power.


  1. Check if the Freedom Handsfree Kit is properly assembled and attached to the breast.
  2. Check if any parts are broken or torn and replace them immediately.
  3. Check if the breastpump motor unit is functioning properly.
  • Sterilization & drying mode
  • Large capacity- fits 8 large bottles and accessories
  • Fast sterilization in 10mins, drying in 30mins and sterilization & drying in 40mins
  • LED screen
  • Adjustable 3-in-1 multiple compartments
  • Kills 99.9% of germs